About Us

Persona's History

In September of 2002 Persona Kitchen & Bath Solutions evolved from Owner Mark Anderson’s vision of creating a company that recognized the importance of listening to customers and creating environments that enriched the way they Live, Relax, and Entertain. We also recognized a need to Simplify the Process for clients at a time when the details are the most crucial.

The first step to Simplify the Process we felt was creating efficient, practical, well thought out design solutions for your home. Tailoring plans to fit your lifestyle. We apply this principal to all projects regardless of the size.

In making the choices of the product lines we wanted to offer, we kept in mind how important good solid construction is to the design. We also wanted the ability to customize or tailor each project while keeping it very affordable. We want to help every client maximize their budget, even if it is modest.

We set out to find the craftsmen and tradespeople that had an undeniable reputation and an uncompromising attitude for attention to detail. It would be these individuals that would be responsible for implementing all of the skills necessary to ensure that our clients’ dreams would be realized. Our clients rave about our craftsmen and trade partners. They comment about how clean the house is kept while they are there, and how courteous they are to everyone. They tell us how much they enjoyed having them in their home.

We manage the project so you don’t have to. We schedule all of the work to be performed by our craftsmen and trade partners. We schedule and arrange for all of the product deliveries. We arrange for the debris containment and disposal. The bottom line is we want this experience to be outstanding for you.

Visit our showroom and talk with us about your home. See our displays and the other elements we can incorporate into exciting, beautiful, and functional designs for your home. You'll find it's a great place to spend some time and get some ideas!