Renew FAQ

What makes the Renew process unique?

As the look of the kitchen is updated, homeowners also have the creative freedom to add new design or organizational elements using top-quality Showplace components that simply weren’t necessary or available when the existing kitchen was first designed – a blending of Renew and new.


How long will you have to wait for your new Kitchen?

With Renew the actual installation process can be completed in a few days, instead of weeks or months, so there is less total impact on the family’s daily life. Often when the installers pack-up to go home in the evening the kitchen can still be used.
Dianne and Art love the home they purchased more than 18 years ago. It has multiple levels and a very open floor plan.
John and Linda Courtney needed room to hold their family dinners each Sunday. With 13 (or more) in attendance, the small dining area wouldn’t seat everyone comfortably.