Other Rooms?  Yes, we do those too!

Although our specialty is in the two most important rooms in the house (kitchen and bathrooms), we also provide design and remodeling services for virtually any other room in your home.

While kitchens and baths are the two most important rooms with the largest investments, there are other rooms within your living space that can showcase some really awesome features.  For instance, the conventional laundry/utility room.  There are so many new and improved advances in this space that offer great ideas for storage, workspace, and efficiency.

What about a John Deere room?

What once was a mud room off the back end of the house has now become another focal point in a high-end urban dwelling.  Perfect for the do-it-yourself lawn person who enjoys having a place to store and maintain their lawn equipment.  With custom built-in cabinets that lend themselves to rakes, shovels, and other garden tools, this could become the second favorite room to the hearth room.

Craft Rooms and More!

After years of crafting at a folding table in your garage, isn’t it time to step up your game? Maybe now that your youngest has gone off to college, you can convert one of the spare bedrooms into a dream studio.  Maybe you could rip out the carpet and replace it with hardwood floors and give the walls a fresh new coat of Mint Whisper by Valspar.  There are so many things we can do to guide you in the right direction.  Give us a call and let us move your project forward. So you can spend less time worrying about the what ifs, and start living the oh yeah!


Tethered to a Turret

Office, at Home

Powder Prouder

Wet Bar Win

Cafe Kitchen

Chic Closet Upgrade

Mark recently designed and finished an amazing remodel of our 5 bedroom log home that you will have to see to believe. From the beginning, we knew we were lucky to have found Mark and his team. If you’re reading this review and unsure about who to hire, your search is over. Our remodel has turned out better than we ever imagined it could. The results are simply amazing, the quality of work is second to none, and Mark’s professionalism unmatched.

We had a huge remodel to get completed with a projected budget that would scare most people away. Because what remodel project finishes on time and on budget, right? We know now that Mark is an execeptional project manager. Practically everything in this month or so remodel was on time or finished early. Mark’s impeccable attention to detail and the contractor’s outstanding craftsmanship created a true work of art. Mark cares about each part of the project and takes the time and energy to know the ends and outs of product lines, materials, design, quality, and cost. He does his research and his knowledge of his field is incredible. Every day I am still amazed at the quality and scope of work they completed.

Mark always kept us up to date during the project and he always asked for our input on even the smallest of details. It is hard to put into words how wonderful, professional, and amazing Mark and his team are. We are looking forward to using him with future projects!

John & Tracy Wilson