Design with Personality, Yours

The things that make you you, are the things that make your home yours, too.

There's a reason why there's no place like home, which is why there should be no place like your home. So let's bring out the you in your home. From our skillful touch of carefully revealing what you love - not just in design but in life, to blending those tastes with what our eyes sense would enhance the room, to taking you accessories shopping, your journey is less work and more reward.

So please, enjoy our albums. And feel free to call or write. We'd like to get to know your personality.

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  • This kitchen is farmhouse-industrial (seriously)

    This seemingly wacky combo is something you�ve got to see for yourself.

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  • A modern bathroom is a happy bathroom

    A space in your home for luxury and pampering is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • This kitchen lost a door

    And gained a whole lot more. (Custom cabinets, granite, and backsplash just to name a few.)

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