If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Taking your kitchen to the next level gives you the opportunity to create the prep and serving environment you’ve always wanted and can now afford. There are more appliance options and design choices available now more than ever and your new kitchen will definitely reap the benefits. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just doing a small update, the following are the hottest kitchen trends to watch for in 2020.

Dry Dishes Straight Out of the Dishwasher

Bosch Dishwasher - Kitchen DesignHaving dry dishes right out of the dishwasher will be a welcomed change. And who else will be at the forefront of this cutting edge move?  Bosch, manufactured in North Carolina will integrate zeolite crystals to help remove moisture from the inside of the dishwasher.  This science is already used in dishwashers made by Bosch’s sister brand, Thermador.

Nobody likes unloading a dishwasher to find wet dishes.  However, the fact is, most dishwashers on the market today leave you in this predicament.  A new kitchen needs a dishwasher that can outperform all of the dishwashers of the past.  Luckily, Bosch makes a dishwasher that includes the magic mineral zeolite to make sure you have dry dishes every time.

Cabinets of Color

Green of all colors seems to be the kitchen color of 2020 and bright chartreuse cabinets have a modern style without a doubt.  If you don’t like green, blue cabinets will work as well.

Green Kitchen CabinetsWhite cabinetry is a classic color and will probably never go out of style, but it’s not your only choice. Green makes a terrific kitchen color, reminding us of organic vegetables and fresh apples. You’ll be seeing many different shades of green in kitchens all over Instagram in the upcoming year. Mint and olive work well in farmhouse kitchens or you can go bright with chartreuse or clover green for a contemporary look and feel.  If you feel more drawn to blue than green, cabinets in dark blue will still be popular in 2020.

Better Fridges, Better Life

Vegetables and fruit will mingle better and stay fresher longer when ethylene gas is filtered out.

  Fruits and vegetables don’t get along well in your fridge because ripening fruit gives off ethylene gas, a plant hormone that can cause veggies to rot before their time. Your produce deserves way better. Innovative manufacturers are putting an ethylene gas filter into their new refrigerators to keep your vegetables crisp and edible for a longer time.

Air Frying Ovens

Several new ranges are incorporating air frying technology in their residential ovens. Air frying technology works to crisp frozen fries, chicken, and many other food items and in 2020, creative cooks will be using it to make a variety of tasty dishes without so much fat.

Frigidaire. among other manufacturers has created a line of ranges that bring you crispy food without the guilt — and by that we mean grease.  Manufacturers offer a basket for chicken, french fries, or whatever food you want to crisp up. Select the air fry mode and using a fan to circulate hot air, the oven temperature spikes to brown the food, and then gradually cools down to cook the inside to perfection. If you buy a lot of frozen food, this range could be there perfect match for you.

Dishwashing Specialty Sinks

Some manufacturers make a sink that washes the dishes for you.  It’s ideal for small kitchens and a small number of dishes.

If you live alone or with one other person, chances are that you don’t run the dishwasher every day — there usually aren’t enough dirty dishes to fill it. Now, innovative manufacturers are making a small sink dishwasher that can wash about ten items at a time. Water use is minimal — about 1.5 gallons a cycle — the water force is powerful, and the temperature reaches about 160°.  A few drops of dishwashing liquid will usually do the job.

Darker Appliance Finishes

Black stainless steel appliances add another dimension and depth. If you’re not buying the same brand of every appliance, you will see different finishes on each. Everyone’s interpretation of black stainless is different.

Stainless steel is classic and white is traditional but other appliance finishes look more current. You can add drama to your 2020 kitchen with black stainless steel, and you won’t be alone.  Black stainless appliances have already made their way into 10% of upgraded kitchens. There’s a caveat, though:  Every brand has a different take on black stainless, so you might have to stick to the same brand for all your kitchen appliances if you want them to match.

Smart Devices

Smart devices will make your kitchen a more adaptable place all around.  Any kitchen can be improved with smart devices.  You’ll really enjoy them in your 2020 kitchen.

Your Google Home or Amazon Echo device will read you recipes, order groceries, answer cooking questions, set a timer, serenade you while you are meal prepping, and so much more. You can buy a Wi-fi connected multi-cooker to cook your dinner and tell an Alexa-enabled microwave to make you popcorn. Newer smart robot vacs rock onboard cameras, so they’re security devices as well as vacuum cleaners. And instead of sweeping the kitchen floor after dinner, just tell the smart vacuum to clean up and get on with the rest of your life.